RUSC Radio - 4th July


Broadcast: May 5, 1949
Added: May 09 2010

Hallmark Playhouse presents a story, which has not only proved extremely popular since its first publication but it’s particularly appropriate for Mother’s Day. Mother is Kathleen Norris’s (no relation;) first novel and was written in 1911. It is a warm-hearted glorification of that human relationship which is so close to us all the year round but, which on the second Sunday of May each year we bring in to special focus.

Margaret is a young woman, the eldest from a family of seven siblings all of whom her mother is devoted to. However when Margaret takes a job for a wealthy family in New York her mother is worried that she is too impressed by wealth and position. On a trip to Italy with her employer Margaret meets and falls in love with John however she thinks that he won’t like her if he meets her family in their worn home and is embarrassed to invite him home. However Margaret’s mother invites John for dinner and he loves her family and Margaret comes to realise how beautiful her mother truly is.