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Mother Wore Tights

Mother Wore Tights

Broadcast: January 4, 1955
Added: Jan 01 2015

Lux Radio Theater starts the new year with a song, the song hit from 20th Century Fox musical screen hit Mother Wore Tights. It stars its original star Dan Dailey, and for this Lux version Mitzi Gaynor.

It is the story of Miriam Young's life growing up in a vaudeville family and is told by Miriam and highlights her wonderful mother, dancer, Myrtle McKinley and her father Burt a singing comedian.

Songs include: Burlington Bertie from Bow, Tra-La-La-La, Kokomo, Indiana and You Do.

Mother Wore Tights was broadcast previously on Lux with some different actors on February 2, 1948 and November 14, 1949.