Broadcast: 31st July 1947
Starring: Jerome Cowan
Added: Jul 31 2008

Sitting in the chair across the table from Sam is a dead man his stiff cold fingers still clutching the gun he thought would safeguard his life. Police chief Martin couldn’t seem to sit still for a minute, he kept pacing back and forth behind him. They had been waiting a couple of hours already for the coroner. Meanwhile every cop was out in the city looking for George Perry the obvious murderer.

It gave Sam time to reflect on the time three years ago when George Perry had walked in to his office and given him the good news… Sam hated Perry he had been given the District Attorney’s job on the back of the work that Sam did. Sam hated George for getting so easily what he’d have given his life for. He’d gotten him self engage to Alice the girl Sam wanted and now he had taken his first step in a political career that could lead anywhere. Sam had tried by fair means to get the same things but failed now he would try other means…