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Molly's New Hat

Molly's New Hat

Broadcast: November 24, 1954
Added: Nov 28 2022

We take you now to Madam Bertha's Chapeau Chateau in the heart of downtown Wistful Vista where Madam Bertha is hovering over one of her favorite customers. Molly is undecided on the hat because it's twelve dollars. Madam Bertha and Molly's friend urge her to buy the hat saying Fibber will love it. Molly tells them the first Fibber will notice the hat is when she gives him the bill! Madam Bertha sure that fibber will love the hat tells Molly if he fails to notice it within three hours she will give her the hat for free. Molly wears the hat with an apron in the kitchen and all through dinner. Is Fibber ever gonna notice the new hat?