Milt Josefsberg

Show Count: 23
Series Count: 2
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: June 29, 1911 , New York, USA
Died: December 14, 1987 , Burbank, California, USA

Milt Josefsberg (June 29, 1911 - December 14, 1987) was a radio writer for Jack Benny and later for many television sitcoms, such as Archie Bunker's Place, All in the Family, Here's Lucy, The Lucy Show and The Jack Benny Show. He wrote books on the Jack Benny Show and comedy writing.

"Milt Josefsberg is an American success story. I doubt I would be writing if I had not been influenced by Milt, and I know that can be said for many of today's writers. The WGA picket line would be thinner without him!" - Jim Wickey - The Green House, The Rip Borsley Show

Source: Wikipedia

Bob Hope ShowBob Hope Show
Show Count: 47
Broadcast History: 4 January 1935 to 5 April 1935, 14 September 1935 to 3 September 1936, 9 May 1937 to 26 September 1937, 8 December 1937 to 23 March 1938, 27 September 1938 to 8 June 1948, 14 September 1948 to 13 June 1950, and 3 October 1950 to 21 April 1955
Sponsor: Emerson Drug Company, Bromo Seltzer, Atlantic Oil, Lucky Strike, Swan Soap, American Dairy, General Foods, Woodbury Soap
Cast: Bob Hope, James Melton, Jane Froman, Patricia Wilder, Frank Parker, Jerry Colonna, Blanche Stewart, Elvia Allman, Doris Day, Frances Langford, Barbara Jo Allen, Stan Kenton, Skinnay Ennis, Desi Arnaz, Les Brown
Director: Bill Lawrence, Norman Morrell, Bob Stephenson, Al Capstaff
Producer: Bill Lawrence, Norman Morrell, Bob Stephenson, Al Capstaff