Cinnamon Bear
Matter of Appearances, A

Matter of Appearances, A

Broadcast: 8th July 1965
Added: Jul 05 2013

Trudy finds her loving husband Bill in town with another woman. Bill explains it isn't what it appears to be and that he was only helping the woman by giving her a lift home. However Trudy will hear nothing of it and throws him out. She packs up their furniture and arranges a flight back home to California. Running late the van driver who has collected the furniture offers her a lift to town. She has no time to change from her casual clothes in to a dress and when the van driver drops her off she is picked up by a police officer for hitch hiking. When she tries to explain she is a respectable woman and has id she discovers she has left her purse in the van. Things are looking worse for Trudy as with no id, no money and nobody she can contact she now appears to be a vagrant.