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Matched Pair for Murder

Matched Pair for Murder

Broadcast: 5th June 1981
Added: Aug 08 2013

Marshall Tony Landsdowne was named after two justices of the United States supreme court and when he was little he always wanted to become a judge and he did, a very good one. The purpose of a trial is to discover or construct what really happened. When Melvin finds his twin brother Marvin dead in his house it looks like he was murdered because he couldn't open the safe for a burglar. The Burglar Joe Emin is caught when he tries to sell the valuable silver tray he has stolen. He is tried and is heading for a guilty verdict when his girlfriend pleas most sincerely to the judge to free him. She makes a creditable character witness and the jury acquit him. However the police later find evidence that would suggest he was the killer but because of the double jeopardy law he is now above the law.