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Lum And Abner Lose Diamond Ring

Lum And Abner Lose Diamond Ring

Broadcast: June 5, 1949
Added: Jun 28 2022

Lady Brilton walks out of the store and leaves a diamond ring on the counter and Lum decides that the ring is likely worth ten thousand dollars. Lum and Abner think it is too dangerous having the ring and don't want to be responsible for looking after it in case a hold-up man comes in and steals the ring. They decide the ring needs to be hidden until Lady Brilton can come and collect it, but not by them as they don't want to be able to tell any potential robber where it is. They get Mose Mousse to hide the ring for them but when Lady Brilton turns up for the ring they don't know where it is and Mose Mousse is nowhere to be found.