Broadcast: 28th March 1949
Starring: Various
Added: Mar 28 2003
“Luck” was written by Wilbur Daniel Steel and stars John McGovern in his debut role for Radio City Playhouse. The scene is a scattered little community well up on a mountain on a winter afternoon. Along one of the remote mountain roads a man is trudging though the crusted snow, his name is Jennerson, people call him Jen. There’s something unnatural about his appearance, something that makes people wince a little the first time they see him. He’s not a young man and yet he’s not old, he’s perhaps somewhere between 35 and 40. The muscles of his neck seem permanently twisted so that his head sits on his body in a cruelly distorted angle. His face is blotched and purplish, a face deeply etched with lines of pain. He’s wearing a tie, which is unusual, and his blue felt hat has been carefully brushed. He’s taken great care with his appearance today because he’s almost positive that if she gives him any encouragement at all he’ll propose to Hattie Pole.