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Love, Honor Or Murder

Love, Honor Or Murder

Broadcast: 9th August 1955
Added: May 27 2010

Love Honor Or Murder is a story of lost and found, the found being a wallet, the lost being a life…

Harry is a taxi driver who finds a wallet in the back of his cab containing $12,000. He has every intention of handing it in as he knows and respects Henry Walker the person it belongs to. However, his wife Helen tells him she will leave him if he hands the money back. She tells him the only way they can get away with keeping the money is if he kills Walker before he reports it missing to the taxi firm. Harry hasn’t got the nerve but she tells him every man is capable of murder if he’s got to kill the thing that will destroy him…

This is an excellent story and was originally aired on Suspense on 29th June 1950 starring Elliott & Cathy Lewis.