Linda Reynolds Case, The

Linda Reynolds Case, The

Broadcast: 23rd November 1947
Starring: Ben Morris
Added: Mar 21 2005
Pat Novak was ready for work when friend of his name Ira had an inside tip on a hot horse in the third race at Bay Meadows. Novak went down there to see if he could convert the news in to currency. It was a good idea except that his horse was still running in the third when they’d started the fourth. Then he was picked up in a flash car by Lydia Reynolds a rich dame and she hired Novak as a bodyguard. They stopped at a station and whilst she was on the phone Novak was approached by a guy with a gun and forced to drive away down a dead end where he was slugged and left out cold only to be awoken by Detective Hellmann and accused of stealing the car but worse there was a corpse in the back of the car.