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Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son

Broadcast: March 17, 1948
Added: Dec 23 2022
Walt Carver was a big man hard as nails and faster on the draw than any other man in the territory. At 50 Walt hadn’t changed much he was still hard and tough and quick of temper. 25 years before he had brought his bride Susan to Texas and had claimed a large expanse of land as his own. Starting with little or nothing Walt had fought stubbornly to reach his goal to become one of the territories most prosperous ranchers. He was tough and ruthless in his methods and because of his stubbornness; quick temper and lightening like draw few men cared to cross him. A year after his marriage Walt had a son whom he called Sandy and in whom he tried to instill the tough ruthless traits he himself had, but without success. But Walt’s one consolation was that Sandy, now 24 was even quicker on the draw than he was.