Let Yourself Go

Let Yourself Go

Let Yourself Go was fundamentally a 30-minute variety show hosted by Milton Berle. Comedian Joe Besser was a regular on the show along with other special guest stars and slapstick comedy was the order of the day. Special guests or sometimes members of the audience were asked to share their secret ambitions, which could range from the bizarre to the ridiculous. They would then be asked to push all their dignity to one side and “let themselves go” and Merle would be their stooge or sidekick.

As far as I am aware there is only 1 episode still available, which stars Al Jolson and is an OTR classic. Al Jolson shares his altruistic ambition to show everybody a place where a fellow’s color or race or how much money he has got doesn’t make a bit of difference. And that place is a theater and his wish is for everybody to have the same chance as he did. For all fans of Al Jolson this episode is a delight as we are taken down memory lane through the life of his career and a resume of all his famous and well-loved songs.

Broadcast: 6th June 1945
Starring: Al Jolson, Milton Berle
Added: Nov 05 2004