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Knight Comes Riding

Knight Comes Riding

Broadcast: 22nd May 1947
Added: Sep 05 2008
It was a Monday, the most ordinary Monday in the world. Ed always leaves for the office at 9:00 sharp. Millie couldn’t afford to waste a second in the morning. Her nephew Roger didn’t come home the previous night and she was concerned, as he had never stayed out a whole night before. For two years Ed had provided food and shelter for Roger so that he could go to college in their town and last night Ed had had a quarrel with Roger. Millie thought that it was more than the few words that Ed said he’d had as she saw blood on Ed’s shirt. Then Ed left for work on foot and when Millie went in to the garage she discovered Rogers body in the car. He had apparently died of carbon monoxide poisoning but Millie does not believe that Roger killed himself or that his death was an accident.