Jump Jump and the Ice Queen

Jump Jump and the Ice Queen

The story is told to us by Tim a little boy who lives in an orphanage. It is almost Christmas and Tim has been talking to some of the other boys in the orphanage and they begin to wonder whether Santa will remember them and worry that he will only go to “whole” families and wouldn’t bother to stop at an orphanage.

When he goes to bed that night Tim cannot sleep and looks out of the window to the North Star. He thinks that if he could just follow the North Star he would get to the North Pole before long and he’d find Santa and just ask him if he plans to visit everyone at Christmas.

Tim decides to set off and follow the North Star and sets off in to the woods. After walking for some time he lays down to rest in the woods and just as he is getting comfortable something taps him on his knee. It was the tiny little elf Jump Jump who is to become the focus of this wonderful fantasy adventure tale. Jump Jump is a little elf who jumps up and down, backwards and forwards and sideways and who talks so funny and so fast that you can’t understand him all the time. He lives at Holiday House with Mary Holiday who is Santa’s personal secretary and where every day is a holiday like Christmas all the time.

Along the way Tim meets Sleepy Slim the Lion and Archie Paggly the Clown and of course Santa Claus himself. Between them they save Christmas when Santa asks them to rescue his reindeer from the wicked Ice Queen.

And so begins this charming and enticing twenty-five part series which is guaranteed to cheer up any child, grandchild or young at heart over the Christmas holiday season.

Broadcast: 22nd November 1948
Starring: John McGovern
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