RUSC Christmas Radio Station


Broadcast: September 2, 1941
Added: Jun 08 2021

"CBS Submits for your approval an idea for an all negro variety show with a distinguished cast headed by Duke Ellington, Ethel Waters and The Hall Johnson Choir. Produced in cooperation with The Negro Radio Workshop this is a show designed to give full play to the talents of a people who have often been called the greatest natural entertainers among the races of the world. The first part of this Forecast presentation comes from New York and is a romantic prologue called Tree Of Hope, which traces the rich heritage of negro entertainment through the years. Following this we shall present from Hollywood a typical half hour of a proposed new series called Jubilee."

 In the second part of the hour long program Ethel Waters sings some songs including Georgia On My Mind. Also Duke Ellington and his Orchestra play a selection of tunes.

NOTE: Introduction quoted from the show and reflects the culture as it was in the year of broadcast in 1941.