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John Tyler - Event In 1844

John Tyler - Event In 1844

Broadcast: 4th September 1947
Starring: Edward Arnold
Added: Feb 22 2005
John Tyler was the tenth President of the United States of America and resided in the White House from 1841 - 1845. The events in this story took place during the last year of the administration of President John Tyler. The first Mrs Tyler passed away in 1842. The tragic explosion aboard the war ship Princeton occurred in February 1844 and on June 26th of that year President Tyler and Julia Gardiner were quietly married in New York City. The bride was just 24 years old and Tyler was some 30 years her elder. Never the less they lived very happily together until Tyler’s death in 1862. Their three sons grew up to serve their country well, one was a college president, one was a judge and the youngest a brilliant lawyer.