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John Brown Gambling Ring

John Brown Gambling Ring

Broadcast: 3rd August 1947
Added: Feb 10 2005
“Sure I’m Pat Novak, for hire. I got a couple of boats on pier 19 on the San Francisco waterfront. Sometimes I rent them out but I found it’s easier to keep my budget healthy by risking my health in other ways so I work around doing odd jobs. You can take that any way you like but the best you can say for it is it beats begging at least you don’t always limp if your lucks in you can keep a half lap ahead of the bill collectors if you don’t let it go to your head. I did once. I helped a guy who owned seven hotels convince a blond in San Raphael that her memory wasn’t that good after all. The payoff was too rich for my blood; I got the idea that with that kind of money I could take over the gambling joints up around Lake Tahoe. It took them three days to show me I was wrong. I’d worked my way down from the gold plated joints to a place called the Broken T where they still recognized a dollar as currency…”