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Jack Benny's 10th Anniversary

Jack Benny's 10th Anniversary

Broadcast: May 7, 1941
Added: May 11 2023

Fred Allen and Portland Hoffa welcome you to another hour of mirth and melody - and I just love this episode! It begins with an unexpected salute to his arch rival, Jack Benny. An entire show dedicated to Jack Benny’s tenth year on the air. To the surprise of his cast members, Fred starts right off with featuring Jack Benny in his News of the Week spot. Fred looks at a few current events in the year Jack hit radio. Who was president? Who was governor? What were the top sports teams and news events? What other notable events are remembered for 1931? The Empire State building, cellophane, and zippers are all mentioned. Kenny Baker sings, Because of You. Al Goodman plays a musical interlude to transition to the next segment of the show. Continuing his salute to Jack Benny, Fred welcomes Amos and Andy. They all visit the lodge hall and include the Kingfish in celebrating that star of the Jello program, Rochester. Kenny sings, On Wings of Song.