Intellectual Curiosity

Intellectual Curiosity

Broadcast: 28th November 1948
Added: Oct 21 2013

Ozzie is rummaging through the big book case in the living room  and realises he is not even familiar with half the titles of all the good books on the shelves. Ozzie thinks that in the old days people had more intellectual curiosity. Following a visit to the library to resolve an argument with his neighbor he bumps in to David's English teacher who catches him with a Greek History book on the Peloponnesian wars and invites him to a discussion on the subject. Little did she know he was only holding the book as he wanted to use it as a step to a higher bookshelf! Hilarious!

At the end of show Ozzie and Harriet Nelson are presented with an award by Miss Anne Daggert the west coast editor of Radio Mirror Magazine after being voted the best married couple on the air.