Incident at Switchpath

Incident at Switchpath

Broadcast: 11th April 1950
Starring: Bret Morrison
Added: Apr 24 2002
“Are you afraid to face tomorrow or whatever may lie beyond tomorrow? Do you think you’re up to spending a weekend on the moon or entertaining houseguests from Mars? Can you and your children adjust to this strange new wonderful world that is been wrought in the test tubes and cyclotrons of science, beyond tomorrow? Beyond Tomorrow a new program of probabilities drawn from the vast libraries of science fiction where anything is possible and possibly may happen to you.” Incident at Switchpath is a case about a man accused of murder in a small western town who insists that it was not murder but something really much worse.

PLEASE NOTE that after 24:03 minutes there appears to be another show recorded over this one. It lasts for 1 minute 45 seconds before returning to the final five minutes of the show. Whilst annoying it does not completely spoil the show.