Hound Of Heaven, The

Hound Of Heaven, The

Broadcast: 21st February 1951
Added: Feb 20 2011

A radio dramatization by Fred Lipp. Francis Thompson was one of England's most revered 19th century authors, whose greatest work was a poem entitled The Hound of Heaven. The story is based on his life.

Thompson is a lost soul, living on the streets of London, hopelessly addicted to opium and unable to secure a job. Two diverse people offer him assistance - a cobbler named Nick McMasters and a prostitute named Ann. Nick gives him a job along with food, a place to live and an undemanding friendship, but Francis wanders away from the cobbler when it becomes clear he'll never be able to learn the trade.

Running from the footsteps that constantly haunt him, he collapses in front of Ann, whose gentle nursing brings Francis back to reality inspiring him to write again. But when he proposes to her she disappears from his life, knowing he has greatness in him that's beyond what she can offer.

Instead of following up on his manuscript, Francis vainly searches for Ann and finally - alone and completely defeated - he realizes that the footsteps he's hearing are those of the hound of heaven, representing his loss of faith, and that only God can help him.