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Hit And Run Murder

Hit And Run Murder

Broadcast: 8th October 1952
Added: Mar 03 2013

The Lineup take you now behind the scenes of a police headquarters in a great American city where under the cold, glaring lights will pass before you the innocent, the vagrant, the thief, the murderer.

Mr Bush & Mrs Atwood have to identify a man from a lineup involved in a hit and run case in which Elaine Kirk was run over and killed. However the man was a murderer as the hit was premeditated. Mrs Atwood identifies a lean bald man named Melvin but Mr Bush said the man driving the car was fat with blond hair. Lieutenant Ben Guthrie has no alternative but to let the lineup go and try to solve the case the hard way.

Produced and Directed by: Elliot Lewis

Written by: Morton Fine and David Friedkin