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Here Comes Mr Jordan

Here Comes Mr Jordan

Broadcast: 26th January 1942
Added: Jun 08 2012

Here Comes Mr Jordan is a comedy Drama romance, which was a 1941 Columbia Pictures film success. Cary Grant stars as Joe Pendleton and Evelyn Keyes and Claude Rains reprise their film roles of Bette Logan and Mr Jordan.

Joe Pendleton is a boxer on his way to his next fight when his plane crashes. An angel snatches him from his body before he dies and he finds himself in heaven 50 years too early. Mr Jordan who is in charge of the intakes in heaven sends Joe back but his body is no longer there. Mr Jordan takes Joe to earth to find him another body and they witness the murder of the wealthy but unscrupulous Bruce Farnsworth by his wife and her lover. Then Miss Logan arrives frantically at the house needing the help of Farnsworth. Mr Jordan persuades caring Joe to take Farnsworth’s body and rectify the unworthy life of Bruce Farnsworth by helping Miss Logan save her father from a life in prison because of his security fraud. Just when Joe is happy in the body of Farnsworth the murderous wife kills him again and he has to leave the body of Farnsworth and Mr Jordan takes his spirit to find another body, one that will lead him to his rightful dsetiny.

Producer: Cecil B. DeMille