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Helping Hand, The

Helping Hand, The

Broadcast: 4th November 1951
Added: Sep 15 2009
It is 3:00pm an afternoon in November 1950. A deluge of rain has swamped the deserted roads of western Texas and a lone motorist sits disconsolately in a small sedan near the side of the road. His face brightens as a jeep pulls to a stop besides him. Painted on the jeep’s motor hood are the words Joe’s Garage. They get the guy’s car going and tell him the charge is $15 but the guy thinks that is too much and tells them anyway that he only has large dollar bills which he has on him to put down on a new car he is on his way to buy. A fight ensues and he is knocked out. The guys from the garage then discover the man has $500 cash. They decide to kill him and make it look like an accident and steal his money.