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Hagan Raid, The

Hagan Raid, The

Broadcast: July 20, 1949
Added: Aug 05 2023

The Lone Ranger and Tonto were surprised when they returned to the Green River Valley. Two years before, the herds of old Steve Hagan had grazed along the grassy banks of the river. Now there were new cabins and garden patches. They drew up their horses to study the change, and how many people had moved into the valley - there were at least a dozen cabins - but one of them was burning! In the few minutes that followed, the Lone Ranger and Tonto emptied the cabin of any of the meager furnishings and kitchen supplies. They had nearly finished when a number of settlers arrived carrying rifles. Perry's wife was missing, and when Tonto found feathers on the ground, the men knew that it was Indians who had taken her. The Lone Ranger soon puts together a plan to rescue the kidnapped woman.