Cinnamon Bear
Gunman For Hire

Gunman For Hire

Broadcast: August 31, 1949
Added: Sep 01 2023

Two men waited behind the group of huge boulders along the dusty trail leading to the town of Boulderville. The man named Stubb Mason owned a cafe in the town, but as he rested his rifle on a rock, Mason looked like what he was - a lawless killer. His companion looked anxiously toward the town. He shaded his eyes from glare, but the rays of the sun reflected on the star shaped badge pinned to his vest. He was Sheriff Black, the law in Boulderville, and he was mixed up in something that was definitely not on the right side of the law. They'd had word that range detective Rex Salters was headed to town with incriminating evidence, and they planned to ambush him. The deed done, word of Rex Salters' murder spread rapidly throughout the southwest, and eventually reached the ears of the Lone Ranger and Tonto, who were friends of the range detective. The masked man and his Indian companion went to the vicinity of the town and camped nearby, determined to bring the murderer to justice.