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Great Peacemaker, The

Great Peacemaker, The

Broadcast: October 27, 1948
Added: May 01 2023

Jeff Wilson was nineteen years old when he spoke to a white girl for the first time. It happened when Winnie Foster's spirited young gelding got a free rein for a moment and began to run. The girl had completely lost control of her mount and was swaying in the saddle when young Jeff, riding with the easy grace of an Indian, saw what was happening. He touched his moccasin heels to the flank of his mustang, and spoke sharply in the Indian tongue. Winnie Foster was already frightened, but when she heard the approaching hoof beats, and saw the bronzed youth wearing buckskin trousers with a feather in his braided hair, she became absolutely terrified! However, after stopping her horse, Winnie was impressed with the self-confidence of the young man and they struck up an easy conversation about Jeff's story.