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Great Lover The

Great Lover The

Broadcast: March 22, 1951
Added: Jan 10 2023

The Screen Directors' Playhouse present a first in screen comedy with their adaptation of a screen full of laughter named The Great Lover. George Marshall was the director of the 1949 Paramount Pictures film and Bob Hope and Rhonda Fleming reprise their film roles. Bob takes the protagonist role of Freddie Hunter a newspaper man assigned to cover the story of some boy foresters who won a competition and a trip to Paris. Freddie would rather be working on a case tracking down the card table murderer but the chief Forrester is the newspaper editor's son, Stanley (Walter Tetley) so Freddie has to impress him. On board the ship returning to America Freddie Hunter loses his head over a woman, the  Duchess Alexandria, daughter of a wealthy man and has a close encounter with the card table murderer. Lots of laughs and chaos and ad-libbing as can be expected in a show starring Bob Hope!

After the show Bob and Rhonda introduce guest Screen Director George Marshall.

Bob Hope and Bing Crosby are in the Chesterfield Cigarette commercial.