RUSC Radio - 4th July
Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door

Broadcast: 20th August 1947
Added: Aug 02 2009
It was in a small but very special way a moment of triumph for Alma Germane. On the surface of course the matter was pretty small and unimportant nothing to compare with ten years ago when she was a natural celebrity, when her every move was recorded faithfully the next morning in syndicated columns to be read and appreciated by seven million movie fans. But the satisfaction, the rising warm feeling inside was there and Alma smiled across the black ebony desk at the puzzled face of Oscar Dahl the producer leaned back in the red leather Chinese sofa and flicked her ash in an onyx ashtray by her elbow. She didn’t want the part Oscar was offering her happy that she had retired seven years ago at the top while she was the girl next door…