Gift Of Jumbo Brannigan, The

Gift Of Jumbo Brannigan, The

Broadcast: 1st March 1951
Added: Mar 19 2009

Jumbo Brannigan was 51 years of age and had spent over half his life in prison. Now he was about to go free. His wife had died 10 years ago leaving their 14-year-old son in care. Now the prison warden has arranged for Brannigan to meet his son and to live with him as a family in a rented apartment. He had also arranged him an honest job working in a department store. The warden tells him that if he steps out of line once he’ll wish he’d never been born. Brannigan promises him he is going to live his life as an honest citizen but really he has no intention of going to work any department store he was heading right back to where he belonged over on the South side of town.

The Gift of Jumbo Brannigan is a tale of violence and tenderness.