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Gay Caballero, The

Gay Caballero, The

Broadcast: May 4, 1949
Added: Jun 22 2023

Tonto, Indian companion to the Lone Ranger, stood in the store at Eagle Pass waiting for his order to be taken. He listened attentively as the store keeper and another customer talked of an event that had taken place the night before - an outlaw called Dirk Nelson, had come into town brazenly, and convinced the daughter of a rancher to leave town and elope with him to be married. After getting his supplies, Tonto left town and rode into the hills to the camp he shared with the Lone Ranger. He shared what he had learned in town, and after listening intently, the Lone Ranger concluded that Lola had not gone with the outlaw of her own free will, and devised a plan to find out what was behind it all...