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Garibaldi Case, The

Garibaldi Case, The

Broadcast: 1st February 1952
Starring: Dick Powell
Added: Jun 13 2001
Richard Diamond is sat in his office when a strange man, Freddie, enters and tells Diamond to accompany him. He takes him to see a lady, Miss Janet Collins. Her brother is Burt Collins. He has been sentenced to the electric chair after being convicted of murdering a bookie. Burt had gone to borrow some money from the bookie. As they were talking, a man walked in and shot the other man. Stunned, Burt knelt over the body and picked up the gun, just as the police walked in. There was one other person in the room at the time of the murder, Tony Garibaldi. He had disappeared after the incident so could not give evidence at the trial of Burt Collins. Diamond must find him before tomorrow, the time of Burt's electrocution.