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Funny Valentine

Funny Valentine

Broadcast: February 8, 1956
Added: Feb 14 2021

Catherine's parents have always liked Charlie since he and their daughter became childhood friends. However Catherine has had many suitors and received quite a few valentines cards, some quite romantic. Catherine is teased by her brother Lester about her date tonight with student lawyer Greg the Great as he calls him and asks her, what about Charlie? Catherine tells her mum that a girl likes to be treated with consideration and politeness, the things she doesn't get from Charlie. Charlie certainly isn't the sentimental type. A romantic card from Greg about an errant knight saving a fair damsel leads Catherine in to a romantic daydream about Greg and the ever practical Charlie. At the end of the day who is going to win the affections of Catherine.







 A young woman makes her choice of suitors: in imagination as well as reality.