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Fox And The Forest, The

Fox And The Forest, The

Broadcast: 11th June 1984
Added: Jun 16 2012

My name is Ann Kristen; my husband’s name is Roger. We were born in the year 2155 A>S> and we lived in a world that was evil, a world that was like a great black ship pulling away from the shore of sanity and civilization, roaring its black horn in the night, taking two billion people with it, whether they wanted to go or not, to death, to fall over the edge of the earth and the sea into radioactive flame and madness…

Adapted from the story by: Ray Bradbury

Created, produced and directed by: Mike McDonaugh

Production assistant Patrick Knead

Starring: Niel Bose, Barta Heiner, Lynwood Thompson, Jay Bernard and Janet Swenson

Announcer: Paul Frees