Foreign Affair, A

Foreign Affair, A

Broadcast: March 1, 1951
Added: Jan 09 2023

Screen Directors' Playhouse present an adaptation of the film A Foreign Affair, an adventure in comedy with the sounds of love and laughter. Marlene Dietrich and John Lund reprise their original 1948 film roles as Erika Von Schluetow and Captain John Pringle, with Lucille Ball playing the role of congresswoman Phoebe Frost. 

Life in Berlin is becoming very complicated in deed for Captain John Pringle. Johnny has joined the congresswoman Phoebe Frost in tracking down the American army officer who’s been having an affair with Erika von Schlütow, a nightclub singer and former girlfriend of nazi, Hans Otto Birgel. The task is proving to be an unusually frustrating one for the captain since he happens to be the man Phoebe Frost is looking for.

In her role as café singer we are treated to the beautiful singing of Marlene Dietrich.

After the story Screen Director and writer Billy Wilder is introduced and tells us his co writer and producer of the film Charles Brackett

Bing Crosby and Bod Hope are together promoting sponsor Chesterfield Cigarettes.