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For Those Who Served

For Those Who Served

Broadcast: May 25, 1952
Added: Jun 23 2022

A visitor to the Pentagon once said, "Huh! This isn't a building, it's a giant brain with nerve ends that reach from Korea to the Mediterranean!" An apt description indeed. You could put the Queen Mary, the Empire State Building and the Washington State Monument within its five walls. But day in and day out, more than 30,000 inhabitants carry on routine business and manage miraculously to find their way up and down the ramps which take the place of elevators, around the hub-like ring to numbered corridors which stretch for seventeen and a half miles! Like any other community of that size, the Pentagon has its vital statistics: attempted suicide, natural deaths, even several births! Since most are used to making right angled turns, it's easy for a stranger to get confused in this building of oblique and partials turns - as in the case of Senator Dean Edwards, who has been making his way up to the office of Lieutenant Colonel Atkins...