First Voyage of Columbus, The

First Voyage of Columbus, The

Broadcast: October 10, 1956
Added: Oct 08 2018

This is the story of the motives of Christopher Columbus rather than of his discovery of America. On the morning of October twelfth 1492 the three ships of Columbus’ dropped anchor before an island resplendent with the brilliant green of mangrove trees. Then with the captains of the other two ships, a range and a scarlet mantle bearing the royal standard with a figure of Christ on the cross he tlanded on the shores of the new world, planted the cross and named the new island in honor of of the holy saviour, San Salvador. 

So it was with the first voyage of Columbus. He made other voyages to and from the new world but his motives remained the same and the only profit he ever gained from the discovery of America were spiritual and the only things he kept in memory of his discovery were his chains and his title - Grand Admiral of the Ocean.