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Dr Reardon Is Charged With Murder

Dr Reardon Is Charged With Murder

Broadcast: September 17, 1949
Added: Jan 10 2023

Gene Autry, singing cowboy entertains you with songs and music, variety and comedy all happening at Melody Ranch. Gene opens the show with the song The Cowboy Blues followed by Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You). Pat tells Gene he is going to open up a roadside store. Following the harmonizing of Up A Lazy River Johnny tells Gene it reminds him of the time they went fishing. Gene sings Texans Never Cry before telling the story of a doctor, a lawyer and an Indian Chief. Doctor James Reardon has been charged of involuntary manslaughter and Gene is asked to be a character witness for the Doctor. Gene sings the song The Rim of The Canyon, from his latest Western film of the same name.