Cinnamon Bear
Dog Named Deuce, A

Dog Named Deuce, A

Broadcast: June 17, 1949
Added: Jul 21 2023

Thurrell Creek threaded the wastelands between the plough point mountains and the town of Windfall. It's flow was swift, and its gravel banks steep and high. At one point, fresh prospect holes appeared, and the relics of old failure and despair were covered by a profusion of new and poorly chosen tools and camp supplies. Obviously, it was tenderfoot equipment, but the two men who lurked nearby had every mark of being desert wise. Each carried a sawn-off shotgun, and as one pointed to a soft spot in the bank, the other aimed his weapon at it and fired. The men were salting the banks with gold, to fool a greenhorn target, Brad Clark who was there with his wife. When the Lone Ranger came across the two, digging for gold, he found them sunburned and the woman delirious with it. Confused about why they were digging in that particular area, the Lone Ranger advised the man to look up Tin Cup Smith - a famous prospector - on their return to Windfall, who would give them sound and honest advice about digging and panning for gold.