Cinnamon Bear
Devil Dance

Devil Dance

Broadcast: July 29, 1949
Added: Aug 10 2023

Jason Fletcher operated the general store in the small hamlet of Shawnee Town, whilst his partner, Joe, drove the wagon to trade with the nearby Indian reservation and army forts in the vicinity. Joe returned to find Jason cranking open a large crate filled with little wooden Indian statues. The two men wanted to get the agents job at the reservation, because they knew that it would make them rich, and they meant to get it too - by hook or by crook! One month later, the Lone Ranger and Tonto were riding towards Shawnee Town, when Tonto signalled for them to stop. He could hear the sound of drums, calling all Indians for the devil dance - which was an outlawed ritual. A young couple were appointed as the agents only a few months ago, and as they were from the east, they wouldn't know the sound of the devil drums, or what their true meaning was...