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Demagogue, The

Demagogue, The

Broadcast: January 26, 1956
Added: Oct 04 2015

"It's five o'clock in the afternoon, and we're sitting in the bleachers at the baseball stadium. On the field is the platform from which the candidate for the senate has just finished a powerful speech. We're standing, applauding, and the man next to you says "he's a great candidate isn't he, a great speaker". You nod. "He used to be a college professor, but he's a real man of the people." You notice that the candidate and his wife are waving to the crowd. Then you see another man, a man with heavy eyebrows, a grim expression in his eyes and a wry smile on his face. He's sitting on the platform. In the whole stadium, he's the only man who does not stand. He alone does not applaud. It's strange about the one man..."