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Death for a Draft Dodger, The

Death for a Draft Dodger, The

Broadcast: September 13, 1946
Added: Sep 21 2018

No other soldier in the world is prouder of the uniform he wears than the American soldier. Nor grumbles as much because he is in it. That is an American boast, because we are proud of the fact that we are not traditionally a nation of goose-stepping professional soldiers - that we are instead a nation of peace loving people who cherish the handshake far more than the hand salute. Therefore none of us censors the young man who answers the call to uniform with a good, healthy American grumble - nor do we censure the parent who joins him in it. But we do condemn the young man, and the parent, who conspire to evade that call. We condemn them in the name those millions of Americans down through the ages, who likewise grumbled at the call to duty, but who gave, or stood ready to give the last full measure of their devotion to it...