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Death Cruise, The

Death Cruise, The

Broadcast: August 1, 1952
Added: May 20 2022

The subject of today's file from your FBI is ... Homicide! It is the proud record of your FBI that 97% of those the bureau apprehends and takes to court, are later found guilty and sentenced. That record indicates a thoroughness and a basic respect for detail in every investigation, because it often happens that the only testimony for the prosecution is given by special agents of your FBI. After conviction, the case is marked closed. Those files are records of jobs well done - records of which the bureau is justifiably proud. For that reason, it is understandable that your FBI does not like to reopen a file that has been marked closed, and does not like to have to do its job all over again. That does not happen very often, but as you will see in tonight's case. It does happen...