Criminal Mind, The

Criminal Mind, The

Broadcast: 27th April 1947
Starring: Hart McGuire
Added: Aug 04 2003
Have you ever seen the inside of a watch, of course you have but unless you happen to be watchmaker by trade it must’ve presented a confusing picture. But to a trained and careful eye that mechanism is far from haphazard. It has meaning purpose and direction. It’s a well-ordered apparatus indeed. Now suppose we examine the inside of the criminal mind, not the kind whose crime has been motivated by passion or circumstance but the hardened kind, the criminal by choice and profession. To the law-abiding citizen such a mind is a complication of frustrations and barbaric impulses, but to the trained detective there purpose and murderous direction. However unlike the watch there are sometimes flaws in the mental makeup of the criminal and these flaws are sufficient to provide the favourable balance that exists between law and order and fear…