Broadcast: July 20, 1955
Starring: Marjorie Steele
Added: Oct 05 2021

Nadine and Bill are working on getting a contract from an elderly business owner, named Mr Harvey. He needs to get back to his hotel, so Nadine offers to drive him in Bill's sports car, but Mr Harvey asks if he can have a turn driving once they have set off. Nadine agrees, keen to keep him happy, but then as they are driving, Mr Harvey has a heart attack. Struggling to gain control of the car, they hit a gardener on his way home from work in Bel-Air, who badly fractures his leg. Nadine covers him with a blanket, but then rushes Mr Harvey to the hotel where she gets a doctor to assist him, before ringing for an ambulance for the man they hit and left on the road. Thankfully, the man doesn't die, but the police are hunting now for the driver of the hit and run, and Nadine and Bill don't know what to do to cover it up...