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Colonel Crown is a Mad Man

Colonel Crown is a Mad Man

Broadcast: September 30th 1954
Added: Jan 27 2014
"Dr Ray Matson MD was the gun  toting doctor who roamed the length and breadth of the old Indian territory. Friend and physician to white man and Indian alike, the symbol of justice and mercy in the lawless west of the 1870's, this legendary figure was known to all as Dr. Sixgun..."

Pablo the Pedlar comes across a man badly beaten and takes him to his good friend Dr Sixgun.The man is Sergeant Franklin and he has escaped form his fort where Colonel Crown had accused him of killing the army doctor and had Sergeant  Brock dole out severe discipline. Franklin tells Dr Sixgun that he had not killed the doctor and that Colonel Crown was a mad man. Dr Sixgun eventually discovers this for himself but it may be too late for him and Pablo to save themselves from Colonel Crown when he has brutal Sergeant Brock lock them up.  

I really enjoy this episode.