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Clock And The Rope

Clock And The Rope

Broadcast: 5th December 1947
Added: Dec 07 2007
Would you like to hear the old story about the innocent man facing execution and his last minute attempts to get a pardon and how it feels when he doesn’t get it? Well Henry Guildford can tell you all about it because it’s his story. Now Henry keeps away from people, cities and buildings, buildings with cells they call rooms and with doors that don’t always open. He never buttons his collar and you’ll find out why. He earns his living as a guide for hunting parties, when once he couldn’t find his way around the city park. He never sleeps indoors and he can’t stand clocks. Most of all he can’t stand clocks. It happened so fast he told them it wasn’t murder that it was self-defence but it didn’t work out that way in court and he was sentenced to be hanged…