Cast Visits Jack at Warner Brothers

Cast Visits Jack at Warner Brothers

Broadcast: May 3, 1942
Added: May 23 2023

The orchestra opens the program with Jump For Joy. The episode features Jack Benny's cast visiting him on the set of his latest film, The Major and the Minor. The episode is notable for its guest star, Ann Sheridan, who was rumored to be romantically involved with Benny at the time.

The episode opens with Benny's announcer, Don Wilson, introducing the cast members as they arrive at the Warner Brothers studio. The cast includes Mary Livingstone, Eddie Anderson, Phil Harris, and Dennis Day. Benny is initially annoyed by the visit, but he eventually warms up to his friends and they have a good time together.

There are some real fun moments, including one in which Benny tries to teach Sheridan how to play the violin. Sheridan is a terrible violinist, and Benny's attempts to teach her only make her worse. The episode ends with Benny and Sheridan kissing. The kiss is met with a enthusiastic reaction from the audience, and it is clear that Benny and Sheridan have a strong chemistry.