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Case of the Haunted Burial Cave

Case of the Haunted Burial Cave

Broadcast: May 16, 1954
Added: Jun 04 2021

In an isolated area near the Canadian border a small archeological expedition is camped near the mouth of an unexplored cave. Cole Adams is the head of the expedition and an attempt on his life is made inside the dark burial cave. Nick Carter is called in to investigate and see to it that a second attempt doesn't succeed. 

Sam Big Eagle, a local Indian employed as a guide for the expedition believes its the work of the ghosts of his ancestors. But the bruises on Coles Adams throat were not done by a ghost.  Some locals feel they have no right to be poking around in the old sacred burial caves and suspect the attempted murder was by a resentful Indian but is that just a decoy, a coverup for the real reason...